After-school program 2022-2023
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After-school program 2022-2023
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After-school program 2022-2023
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(408) 658-0742


1128 Jacklin Rd
Milpitas, CA 95035


Camp hour: 8:00am - 6:00pm
After school care: 1:00pm - 6:00pm


Kindergarten to 6th (K-6)

After-school Program 2022 -2023 Details

Why parents should enroll to After-school Program at FalconLearning?

  • Low ratio, creative learning environment, supportive and caring teacher.
  • Transportation service for most Milpitas Schools.
  • Program picks up all minimu day schedule and opens for most no school day (available only enough students signing up)
 Enrichment class add public speaking, robotics, chess. take out thursday-schienc, friday hindi. 

After-school Sample Schedule:

Below is a sample schedule of what a typical day might look like at Falcon Learning. Schools have different bell schedules, so arrival times vary. Exact activities and order also vary.
2-3:30 p.m.: After-School Arrival, Snack, Exploration, Socializing, Homework
3:00-5:00 p.m.: Homework Help, Enrichment Classes, Story Time, Outdoor Play
5:00-6:00 p.m.: Classes, Free play until Pick Up

After-school Care:

K-6th, 2-6:00 p.m. (12-6:00 p.m. on minimum days). Drop off and pick up any time in your program hours. 
See below for early closure days. After-school care includes a healthy snack, Homework Help, Exploration, 
and Enrichment Classes such as Hindi and Culture, Yoga/Exercise, Drawing, Arts and Crafts, and Public Speaking. 
Additional classes, such as Bollywood Dance, Spanish, Science, Chess, Ballet, and Painting are available a la carte.


There might be changes to our schedule and tuition depends on the school district guidelines and instruction.

An extra after school care for 4-day students (2:00-6:00) is $40 with 1-day notice.

Drop-In Rates: $20/hour up to a maximum of $100/day; Rides from school, if available: $15 each.

After-school Fees for Registered Students. Prices will not be adjusted after tuition is due (first ofthe month) even when services have been forfeited due to illness, holidays, or other reasons

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About Us

Imagine an ideal evening with your children. They’re happy and eager to spend time with you. There is no stress from unfinished homework, no need to run to play dates, or extra classes. The homework is complete, your children have already taken their enrichment classes, from math, science, reading, and writing to art, dance, music, and language. They have had positive, supervised socializing time with their friends and exercised enough to work up an appetite for whatever you’re serving for dinner. Sound impossible? Visit Falcon Learning, where imaginations soar and everything is possible.

We provide transportation, healthy snacks, homework help including iReady and Raz-Kids, tutoring, and classes in a safe, nurturing atmosphere second only to home.

Falcon Learning is open early on Minimum Days and all day when school is out. We close for a few major holidays when you are probably off work anyway. Drop-ins welcome as space permits.

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