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Where imaginations soar and everything is possible

At Falcon Learning we understand that your children need a break after their day at school. We help children unwind and get fully recharged by providing them with ample opportunities to socialize, play, and explore their inner strengths. Once they’re refreshed, we not only set aside quiet time for homework — we help students understand their work. For those who want more, we offer classes to help children succeed academically and creatively. Parents keep coming back with their children for the fond memories and connections they make while spending time at Falcon Learning. To see why, call for an appointment to tour our facility.

We provide the following services:

  • After-school care and transportation from nearby schools
  • Homework help including assistance in understanding their work
  • Enrichment classes that relate subjects to help students make real-life connections
  • Camps during school breaks through out the year
Falcon Learning is the perfect place for children who are eager to learn and keep busy to work on fun projects, and the perfect place for parents who need to work but want their kids to be safe and enjoy the day. Falcon has solid teachers with well planned and structured routine. Great program, recommending to all parents! Kamila B.

My 5 year old son enjoyed over 6 weeks of summer camp at Falcon Learning.  There were different themes each week during camp including a field trip to Golfland.  The staff, teachers, students and owners are extremely welcoming, kind and accommodating to the children and their parents.  The center is full of learning materials and engaging activities for the kids.  My son developed an interest in playing chess with others while at Falcon Learning.  In addition, children from different ages interact and learn from one another positively in an environment closely supervised by teachers.  The center can accommodate to a student’s needs by offering, for example, additional math enrichment classes as well as having a Spanish-speaking staff member available if the student has Spanish homework.

All in all, the facility is clean, comfortable and a wonderful environment to learning and having fun with other children. Michelle Y.

My daughter went to summer camp to Falcon Learning.. She enjoyed the camp very much and she wants to back again. The teachers are friendly and my daughter learnt quite a few interesting things in a short time. Jay

I lucked out when I found Falcon Learning. I needed an after-school program which would be able to pick up my son from Zanker Elementary with a style that fit my needs and his. Falcon Learning turned out to be a perfect fit, and they had openings!The center is simple and neat, with muted green walls. There’s a reading area, tables for snack or homework, and a game area. When I arrive, the kids are always playing cooperatively, are busy with a game or are coloring quietly. Falcon is also open later than other after school programs, which helps me greatly since I commute to work on the peninsula and can sometimes arrive as late as 6:30 on my commute back home. My son almost always has his weekly homework completed on the first day that it is brought home. He is always happy and content about his time at Falcon Learning. He started doing one of the extra math classes which were offered, but decided he’d rather play during the after-school time instead of doing the extra math. I told this to the Sonia, the assistant director, and there was zero hassle to remove him from that program. I’ve often emailed schedule changes at the last minute if my son doesn’t need to be picked up from school, and Sonia responds immediately that she has received my message and is always super polite. Only additional feedback I’d give is that it’d be nice to pay online, but setting up my bank’s bill pay to send automatic checks has also worked fine. Thanks, Falcon Learning, for taking such good care of my son for the last 6 months!

We used Falcon Learning for my child that needed some socialization opportunities. The other students were eager to be his friend. We appreciated that. We also thought that the staff were professional, protected the students with their protocol policies and let the children have fun being kids. J P.

I was looking for an after school program for my 6 year old son and I’m so thankful that I’ve found Falcon Learning! This school has a lot of amenities for the children: Ping Pong, Art projects, reading nook, The teachers are well qualified and screened. They are very attentive to my son’s needs. They provide a very flexible transportation service that conforms to my son’s daily activities. Sonya S.