Established in 2014, Falcon Learning has become one of the most reliable after schools in Milpitas. Falcon Learning is a one-of-a-kind, licensed program that provides a wide range of activities that will engage children from transitional kindergarten through 12 years of age.

In keeping with our philosophy of making learning fun and providing appropriate levels of challenge, our methods are simple.We will discuss each child’s homework with him or her to be sure there is understanding. We will offer individual instruction as needed to help with any learning struggles. We will also give time and means to let the mind rest and the body get active. 

Our Enrichment Classes are designed to build real-life connections between often-compartmentalized subjects. Our Cooking class, for example delves into not only recipes and kitchen safety but math, science, and geography. Our Art class encourages students to think about history as they learn techniques to enhance their creativity. Our goal at Falcon Learning is to make your child comfortable, offering a home away from home while he or she awaits your arrival each day. We strive to hire teachers who value children and who want the best for them. 

After school and on days when school is not in session, many children need a place to go so parents can work and tend to other needs. Falcon Learning is here to fill that gap. Our teachers are well-qualified and have undergone background checks to ensure your child’s safety while in our care. As good hygiene is a part of safety, we aim to maintain a clean environment for all children and staff.

Please find in these pages the information you need to help your child be successful at Falcon Learning. Thank you for choosing us!

  1. Signed Acknowledgment that you have received, read, and understand this document. This form also includes a liability waiver.
  2. Application (includes Admission Agreement and Emergency & Health Form)
  3. Transportation Form, if you require pick up from your child’s school.
  4. Annual Registration fee
  5. Security Deposit, refundable at end of summer or with 30-day written notice of withdrawal, to be used for any damages or extra cleaning or if expenses such as returned check fees, late fees, or late pick-up fees are not paid. Must maintain $50 in this account to continue enrollment. If your security deposit falls below $50, you will need to pay cash immediately to bring it back to $75, plus a $1 per day fee until your full balance is restored. The deposit will be forfeited if not requested and picked up within 90 days of the child’s last day at Falcon Learning. We do not automatically issue or mail refunds.
  6. Non-refundable hold deposit of $150 or first month’s Tuition and Transportation fees due one month before August enrollment or one week before mid-year enrollment, as applicable.


In addition to providing children with the basic requirements stated above, we aim to promote the rich culture and history of India. Falcon Learning is a Heritage School, in compliance with California Department of Education regulations. To this end, we provide an environment of cultural awareness through such areas as games, crafts, and geography and enrichment classes such as Hindi, Yoga, and Bollywood Dance. We do not promote any religion but will explore the customs and beliefs associated with many religions throughout the world, especially at holiday times, such as Diwali, Holi, Easter, Christmas, Passover, Ramadan, and many more. Children of all nationalities and religions are welcome.

Our other enrichment classes, as available, such as Art, Science, Theater, Spanish, and Public Speaking, will offer a variety of skills and cross-curriculum learning opportunities, some of which will focus on India and some of which will offer appreciation for other cultures and histories.

We encourage parents to suggest topics they would like their children to learn. We will do our best to adapt to the needs of our families. To help with this endeavor, please take the time to complete the Survey of Family Needs and return it to Falcon Learning.

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